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KOJOS services restaurants, stores, offices and its spaces, residential buildings, religious and other institutions, and open spaces in the five (5) boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester counties, and northern New Jersey.

KOJOS is a Bronx based, privately owned business. We take PRIDE in our level  of personal, yet professional, customer service.

KOJOS is licensed in NYS:

7A- Structural and Rodent Control

7C- Identify and Treat Termite Species

7F- Food Processing

  8- Public Health Pest Control

KOJOS is licensed in NJ:

7A- General Household Pest Control

7B- Termites and Other Wood Destroying Pests

8A- General


OSHA- Construction, Safety, and Health 30-Hours

In 1987, KOJOS upgraded and innovated standard Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into Integrated Pest Elimination Services (IPES) by offering a Six (6) Months Limited Written Guarantee on all services completed.

About the Owner

Get to the man who has revolutionized the pest industry and continues to make a difference in your neighborhood.


KOJOS First & Largest Rodent Elimination Services

In 2007, KOJOS was contacted by Diversified Management Company that was the property managers of Diego Beekman Houses, H.D.F.C. (the Beekman) in the Bronx to perform our Rodent Elimination Program. In the 1970s, the New York Daily Newspaper labeled the Beekman home of the Super Rat. It was named that way because the rodenticide, Warfarin, commonly administered could no longer kill the rats there. For over 40+ years the rat population had grown to an amount where they took over the territory of the residents who fearfully lived there. We were recommended by MDG Design + Construction (MDG) due to our success of the rodent elimination programs that we performed for the buildings MDG managed and/or owned.

At first, we received their worst four (4) buildings and after we solved the problems; later we received more and more buildings until we eradicated the rats from all of their thirty-eight (38) buildings. Once the Rat Elimination Programs was complete, we received the opportunity to perform our Mice Elimination Program within their apartments. After both Rodent Elimination Programs were successful, the residents signed a document stating that they were satisfied with the services provided. The document was distributed to all personnel attached to the program.