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About Us



"To ask a pest control company for a monthly maintenance contract is to ask that company to maintain whatever level of infestations that is presently in existence. Management companies and property/business owners should request for a pest elimination contract, if the goal is the eradication of insects and rodents."

Innovative thinking produces $olid $olutions

Nana Kojo Ayesu (Nana) is the president and owner of KOJOS, and Rodent Killers (RK) and has been in the pest industry for over 45 years Thinking Outside of the Box.

He is licensed in:

  • NYS 7A- Structural and Rodent
  • NYS 7C- Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects
  • NYS 7F- Food Processing
  • NYS 8- Public Health
  • OSHA- 30 Hours

  • NJ Core- Basics
  • NJ 7A- Structural and Rodent
  • NJ 7B- Termites and Other Wood Destroying Insects
  • NJ 8A- Public Health

KOJOS is MBE and DBE certified.

"In the NYC Metropolitan Area, mice live with no fear of their natural predators, not even humans."

Knowledge, Experience, and Credibility

Through his previous experience and ownership of construction, contracting, moving, and cleaning companies, Nana is able to safely Think Outside of the Box.

Incorporated in 1975, KOJOS was formerly known as Kojo's Exterminating Company, Inc. The company first began servicing family members and friends. Later the business expanded into a small business where Nana realized the need to establish the company's credibility.

He bid and won several major contracts; such as:

  • Con Edison
  • The Department of Social Services
  • New York City Department of Real Estate (now known as Housing Preservation Development)
  • New York Telephone Company

In the 1980's Nana realized that he could provide guaranteed service to his clientele. In 2016 the company changed its name to Kojo's Pest Elimination Company LLC to reflect its focus on the total eradication of insects and rodents, and not just its control.

To "Think Outside of the Box"

Being a critical thinker Nana examined the components of the pest industry standard, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and added his previous experience  with ownership of a contrsuction, contracting, movoinig and cleaning company to develop Integrated Pest Elimination Services (IPES).

IPES is the next generation of Pest Elimination Services, where limited guarantees are provided.