MONTHLY MAINTENANCE PROGRAM

KOJO'S MONTHLY MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (Maintenance Program) is designed to
gradually lower cockroach and mice infestation to approach 0% population. Maintenance
Program provides service to each room not just the kitchen or bathroom.
                        COCKROACH REDUCTION PROGRAM

KOJO'S COCKROACH REDUCTION PROGRAM (Cockroach Program) is designed to
drastically reduce cockroach infestations to within 25% of original population level in a single
application. Service includes treatment for German, Brown Banded and American cockroaches

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                                     SEARCH AND SEAL

KOJO'S SEARCH AND SEAL PROGRAM (S&S) serves to eliminate ports of entry for rodents
into individual apartments, office spaces, homes, and anywhere rodents can potentially become
a problem. As a stand alone service, S&S is perfect after construction and renovation to prevent
introduction of rodents and gives new residents and added sense of safety and security.